InstyleKoreaTV: Seven Men | Lee Jong Suk

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Double Jonghyun + Ice Bucket Challenge (x x)

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Korean actors and actresses accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

2nd anniversary 8.13.2014

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3 years later…

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Wanting to be happy and wanting to receive love… everyone wants that sincerely. Perhaps, that’s why it’s harder, right?

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kim woo bin + lollipop

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This! just explained our relationship with our bias. 

(I missed you. I wanted to see you. I missed you.)

It’s really over, now. Coming to your house… and seeing you too.

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I wonder if there’s any more happiness left for me. It’s as if all the happiness I dreamt of was used up. Things that I’d never imagined happening in my lfe, after meeting you, happened. Bad things became good things. And I became a family with the person that loves me.

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Jae-yeol and a baby

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and I want that all with you. (insp)

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