"No matter what hardships you go through, I will help you. Like a real brother. Okay?"

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Seeing you in sunlight… You’re pretty cute.

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Surplus Princess

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How to sneak away from reporters

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Jonghyun’s smile appreciation post #16

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“A woman was beaten by her parents and brothers for one reason alone. To gain the understanding of people who don’t understand her… she has bruises on her face and her leg was broken. But that woman wants to return home saying she understands her attackers. This time, if she returns home, her head might crack open while being beaten. But she says it’s okay… because it’s her parents and brothers. She deserves to be beaten. So, she’ll be beaten again. Run away. This is my prescription as your doctor. […] Sara, who you need to understand before your parents, is yourself first.” 

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"It’s Okay, That’s Love" | EP. 1| "Just shake it and leave, kid."

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“The nicer he is to me, the more I worry. The nicer he is to me… and the harder he works for me… the more I worry that I’ll expect too much from him… that I might start to think that he actually likes me… and that I might not be able to let him go… on that day we promised.”

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I love this person.

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Youth Over Flowers : Sexy ChilHaeBing in the water

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